Case Studies

Reduced onboarding by 2-4 days and increased candidate happiness


Alphanumeric was looking to streamline their already well-honed internal processes. The company sought out a solution that can eliminate the need to use spreadsheets for tracking candidate and client documentation, reduce repetitive administrative tasks, as well as decrease time-to-onboard. A first-time user of any eSignature service, they began using the SmartSign eSignature service in October 2017.

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Generated additional revenue and grew market share over their competition

Working closely with the SmartSearch technical innovation staff allows TalentZok to take an active role in determining what enhancements and advancements are placed in the production queue. In one such instance, TalentZok requested a change to the configurability of the system to meet their unique business needs. This enhancement aligned with their business processes by providing them with greater efficiency and an easier way to notate calls, texts, and emails to candidates.

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