Aligning Talent Strategy To A Company-wide Business Strategy

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On February 16, 2107, Andy Rice, Principal and Lead Strategist at Black Box Consulting led a SmartSearch Smart Practices webinar supporting the need for today’s businesses to align their talent acquisition initiatives with the overall business strategy of the organization. During the presentation, he discussed the components that make up a sound talent strategy, what an integrated talent management framework looks like, how to perform a talent strategy alignment and discipline review, along with why the need for and how to build a business case for a talent strategy alignment.

According to Andy Rice, “If a company doesn’t take the time to identify what the goals of performance management are, the simplification [of the process] may result in the inadequate thumbs-up / thumbs-down process. To be successful, you must be specific and intentional about your goals.” A well-designed talent strategy is fundamental in support of the organization’s business goals. The correct talent placed into the right positions should be an imperative within all companies, but without the executive team’s buy-in, even the best plan will fail. Further, managers must be able to easily explain the business decisions and voice this to their direct reports so everyone understands that talent decisions are made using a predictive and fairly applied approach.

This informative webinar, presented by Andy Rice, addressed these items and more. Click here to learn more on this topic and to access the webinar recording.

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March 22, 2017

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