Texting And Mobile Create Hiring Excellence

Smart Practices for recruiting, staffing and human resources professionals

About This Project

On July 12, 2016 Meghan M. Biro., CEO, TalentCulture lead a SmartSearch SmartPractices webinar on the value of using mobile and texting to source and recruit candidates, then using these same technologies to retain them as employees. During the presentation, she provided practical tips on how recruiters can successfully communicate with candidates and streamline the interviewing and hiring process. She, also, brought to light how the use of mobile and texting enhance the candidate experience.

Given the majority of people, globally, own a smartphone, and with that number climbing, mobile is a growing venue from which recruiters and hiring managers can communicate with job candidates.

According to a 2016 survey, 68% of job candidates find it acceptable and professional to receive a text message regarding their job search. One very good reason for texting is, many people are passive job seekers, which means they do not have the availability to take a phone call on the fly, but a text message is more inconspicuous, enabling them to respond discretely.

The impactful and timely information shared by Ms. Biro addressed the positive value, increased speed and need for mobile and texting technology in a well-designed recruiting and sourcing strategy. Click here to learn more on this topic and to access the webinar recording.