SmartSearch Announces SmartSign Proprietary eSignature Service



New SmartSearch electronic signature collection integrates with Onboarding Portal to enhance candidate experience while saving companies money.

OCEANSIDE, CA – July 25, 2017 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch recruiting business software, announces the launch of a new electronic signature capability called SmartSign™. In line with the needs of a modern workplace, all functionality has been designed for use on any computer or mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

The SmartSearch applicant tracking system has long supported paperless document management and integrations with popular eSignature providers. The new SmartSign option, offered exclusively to SmartSearch users, features attractive, low-cost pricing and can further streamline collection of eSignatures. The new SmartSign option integrates seamlessly with the recently updated Onboarding Portal and existing Career Center web portals for Candidates and Hiring Manager self-service. Further, SmartSign supports business documentation including employment applications, offer letters, new hire onboarding forms, certifications, and contracts.

In regards to security, SmartSearch already backs-up all data nightly and encrypts sensitive information prior to back-up on both disk and tape, which are then encrypted and sent off-site to a secure facility. For document signing, one more level of protection has been added. Whenever a document is signed, an additional copy of it is immediately stored in the SmartSearch document “fortress,” which is then encrypted and sent to “the cloud”. Once there, no files may be accessed from any user interface, as it’s designed to be an isolated system to ensure the most sensitive documents are ultra-protected from disaster.

“Our clients want an efficient, secure eSignature service that can keep up with their needs so we delivered. What’s very exciting to us is that SmartSign is priced at a fraction of the cost versus external e-signing services and will support all recruitment, onboarding and business development documents with the security and flexibility they have come to expect from SmartSearch,” says Doug Coull, CEO, APS, Inc.

All documents will be designed to collect both e-signatures and initials by candidates and new hires, as well as counter-signing by the hiring company or staffing agency representative. Additional capabilities will allow candidates to securely upload images for verification, which will be auto-sized to fit the document. To validate the seamless exchange and accuracy of documents, all activity will be date-stamped once the signature is created or an image is uploaded.

View a demo of the SmartSearch Onboarding Portal.

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