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Comprehensive Reporting


Create reports in a variety of formats including Excel, Word, CSV, and more.

  • Built-in templates for tracking metrics, analytics, performance management and regulatory compliance with the ability to select and group relevant data.
  • Ad hoc reporting tools allow the creation of custom reports.
  • Export tools provide access to all database fields with SQL command structures.
  • Our secure connection option supports your existing Microsoft SQL Server compatible report writing tools.

Support government compliance reporting and enable continuous process improvement by generating key information for making better business and recruiting decisions.

"We've been a customer since 1986. I wanted to thank you for all the support and new product development you have provided over the years. You guys do an excellent job and we continue to be impressed with the service, upgrades and communication from the SmartSearch team. I'm looking forward to more reporting and more metrics that we can use to manage our business activity and drive process improvement. Congratulations on making an excellent product and the staying power you have developed in the marketplace. Thank you again for the very good work"

Scott E. Kuethen,
Amtec Engineering

applicant tracking system talent acquisition staffing management