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Candidate Prescreening


Ensure better hiring decisions with a complete suite of tools to help qualify candidates.

  • Create your own pre-screening question library with weighted pre-qualifiers and "knock-out" functions.
  • Take advantage of behavioral assessment, skill test and background checking integrated with leading providers.
  • Validate candidates' eligibility to work in the U.S. with certified E-Verify integration.
  • Accelerate the reference checking process with the SmartSearch® resume parser.
  • Automatically capture, store and search all candidate qualifying information.

Focus on the most qualified candidates with built-in screening tools and seamless access to best practice providers.

"SmartSearch is the most versatile, customizable, and integrated ATS product on the market. Itís as close to a custom ATS without the cost of customization. Support is by far the best I have had from software companies, they have exceeded all my expectations."

David Stein,
Principal Technical Services

applicant tracking system talent acquisition staffing management