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SmartSearch® is our real-time, intuitive talent acquisition tool that centralizes sourcing, recruiting, applicant tracking and hiring activities by providing an online database where all the pieces come together on your desktop - 24/7 from any PC, anywhere in the world.

With over 20 years industry experience, our flexible solution serves staffing agencies, corporate employers, executive search, and consulting firms, with a highly scalable and self-configurable system that allows you to create a customized and user-friendly work environment that optimizes communication and collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, vendor partners, job boards, sourcing tools, and your existing internal processes and systems.

At SmartSearch, we believe talent acquisition begins with the creation of a cohesive, systematic and branded environment - one that effectively projects your corporate identity. Learn how our proven software solution can improve your recruiting business efficiencies in as little as four days.

"SmartSearch is the most versatile, customizable, and integrated ATS product on the market. Itís as close to a custom ATS without the cost of customization. Support is by far the best I have had from software companies, they have exceeded all my expectations."

David Stein,
Principal Technical Services

applicant tracking system talent acquisition staffing management