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SmartSearch DEMOS

Receive a personalized demo of SmartSearch from a member of Concierge.

During your demo you will log in and use SmartSearch so that you can see exactly how easy and fast it is, as well as how it performs in real-time on your equipment and Internet connection.

Please fill out the below form so that we can tailor the demo to fit your specific needs. Or please call us to discuss what you?re looking for prior to setting up a demo.

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"We looked at several firms and products. We evaluated the product, the company, migration methodology, and also capability/experience/availability of support staff. The one that stood above all was SmartSearch as encapsulates the whole business process, and more importantly is flexible. The migration went very smoothly and the training was very simple. I cannot tell you enough how happy we are with both the product and their organization."

Hadi Asgharzadeh,
azad technology partners

applicant tracking system talent acquisition staffing management