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Personal, dependable, knowledgeable and helpful support.

We know filling a position begins with you. Thoroughly understanding and supporting your needs lets you recruit the right way. Right away.

SmartSearch® serves over 250,000 users and 25 million job seekers worldwide, every day. Our unmatched, in-house customer support team of talent acquisition professionals and technologists are there to help, one-on-one.

Our Concierge Services offer proactive tools to keep you at the forefront of talent acquisition:

  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Customization
  • Implementation
  • Support

Please contact us to learn more about SmartSearch® or to schedule a free demo.

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"A partner by definition ‘takes part in an undertaking with another company with shared risks and profits,’…SmartSearch takes that to another level and adds amazing heart and dedication. They have set a professional service and technology standard that will have enduring impact on their industry."

Mike Mayeux,

applicant tracking system talent acquisition staffing management